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A Quickie on Safety in the Feminine

Women often need to tip into their masculine when carrying out many modern day jobs, men can tip into their feminine when playing gently with their child for instance. It’s when we reside purely in one energy and forsake the other that it becomes problematic because it shows we’re blocking or suppressing something we haven’t dealt with. Many of us are unaware of this our entire lives.

Often women will embody a masculine energy when they’ve gone through a lot of crap in their lives often as a child that has made them feel like the only way to be safe is maintain CONTROL. This physically showcases in rigidity and lack of flow in their body movements, directing and planning and taking the reins with most decision-making in relationships, and a rigid or ultra-structured way they go about their daily lives.

If these women were to let go and relax/come into ease with their feminine, it would immediately reflect in the way they hold themselves and physically move their bodies, their ease in trusting a man to take the lead and receiving from a man. However for a woman tipped over into her masculine letting go doesn’t feel Safe.

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