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My un-Identity!

Who am I?! I feel there’s an assumption of yoga teachers being perpetually zen while bathing in wafts of sandalwood incense and chanting on pillows scattered around the floor. Although I’m guilty of all the above and truly relish it and everything that encompasses feeling spiritually open, connected and curious, I’m also really quirky - I have the aesthetic taste of an 80 year old British man - I love dressing up and the art of makeup - obscure films and art nouveau - a plant fetishist, jazz enthusiast and dog nerd. There’s no mould for “being” what you do, so long as you are truly passionate about what you do! If you teach yoga and drink wine, yes!! That’s fine! If you smoke or binge or can’t do a handstand, that’s fine! I feel like as long as the intention of goodness, self-improvement and integrity are there, that’s what’s important and the mould is a moot point. I am so passionate about teaching, whether it’s one student or a class of kids or assisting disabled men into a pose, and I maintain my intention to be of service. Anything else to me is irrelevant, and hopefully it is for you too ❤️

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