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On feminine power

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Written from a beach in Greece💋

A friend recently asked “Chelsea, what is the difference between feminine and masculine power?” While studying and consciously allowing myself to embody this for the past decade, I still find it difficult to put into words. It’s an experience better felt than articulated!

Without realising, I just had an experience clarifying the difference ☺️

I had a stressful morning driving my rental car all over Halkidiki searching for an unpacked beach. Wheeling into the last parking space at the last beach on the list, I huffed my way up to the gate where three guards sat. They didn’t pay me too much notice so I quickly jutted out “How do I get over there?” in a tone akin to a machine gun, pointing to the beach on the other side of the fence. Unfazed, in a blasé tone, the main guard squinted and slurred, “huh?”

Feeling tired, I looked at each man and suddenly remembered everything I’ve felt passionate to embody.

Releasing the tension in my face, I softened my eyes and cheeks, allowing a gentle smile to spread across my face. I looked at the main man, consciously changing my tone to a soft and slower timbre which poured out like honey. I said, “What is the best way to get to the beach? I’ve driven for ages and would just love to find the perfect beach…”

Three sets of eyes were on me; their expressions changed instantaneously. A woman’s tone and energy sets the pace for everything, including a man’s energy. In a totally new tone, he explained I could walk seven minutes north, only having access to the beach but not the facilities or restaurants, or walk south and pay €7 for full access. He then looked to his friend then back at me.

“Actually, I’ll give you the full access pass for free, just don’t tell anyone…” and gave me a little smile. He and the other guard personally escorted me to the entrance gate, secured the access band to my wrist and told me to enjoy myself. I graciously thanked them.

Women have spent the past sixty years thinking power is masculinity. Feminine power is realising we already had it within us this whole time. Let’s allow ourselves to put away the machine gun and bring out our honey 😉

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