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Take a Wander with Shebs - Travel Talk with Chelsea Joy Arganbright | London

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

'Journey of Chelsea Joy Arganbright'

I spoke to Chelsea about her journey through her extraordinary life. She has lived a life as a nomad since she was a baby, as her mother moved her around from country to country. In her own words, not even army brats have moved as much as her. We spoke about her journeys in more detail, where she is now, what got her into Travel Energetics with her being the CEO of her company Larrikin Travel. Plus, we spoke about her past relationships and where she sees herself in the future.

Chapters 0:00​ Intro

0:47​ Welcome Chelsea

1:44​ Early travels with her mother, growing up independent

8:19​ Travel Bug still there after all the travels?

10:20​ Travelling during Covid-19

13:10​ Larrikin Travel

-Travel Energetics

17:28​ How accurate are the readings?

19:36​ Bad lines

22:55​ What types of people want their lines read

30:53​ Memorable travels

32:31​ Why USA wasn't the right place for Chelsea

41:41​ Interests & Hobbies

43:16​ Future?

44:58​ Summarise & Outro

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