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Chakra Alignment eBook

Chakra Alignment eBook

As a foundation to balancing, the 40-page Chakra Alignment eBook focuses heavily on grounding techniques to bolster a state of presence, tranquility, and equilibrium. This is particularly beneficial for those spiritual beings who need to balance the upper with the lower chakras, as well as those who live with anxiety or depression and have trouble staying focused and centred.


After you've learnt to properly ground yourself, the Chakra Alignment eBook then runs you through the seven major chakras in the body and the emotional and physical indicators of imbalance within each. It includes quick tips for balancing include specific essential oils, crystals, food, teas, massage, yoga poses and daily affirmations.


Designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of your energy system, I hope it brings you closer to leading a balanced and happy life.


Intro: "Chakras are wheels of spinning energy within our bodies that influence our thoughts, emotions and at times our physical health. We each have seven major chakras running from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and many smaller chakras throughout the rest of the body. The energy within our bodies is called Qi (pronounced ‘Chi’) or Prana which translates to ‘Life force’ in English. The Prana is funneled into the chakras via pathways called Meridians. Think of these pathways as an energetic nervous system! When our energy is depleted, or external factors trigger an emotional response, this can cause our chakras to become unbalanced. A good way to look at the chakras is as a filtering system for environmental energy, and they can become too open or closed depending on the situation..."

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