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A little bit about POLARITY

After six years living in three states on the east and west coasts of Australia, I find a mass of women in their masculine energy compared with other countries I’ve lived in, simply as the feminine is not as valued here - this is for a multi-layered domino-effect of historical reasons transposed into cultural and social reasons but to not make this a Tolstoy novel I’ll save background for another time. Some cultures ie Spanish and Italian have their scales tipped on the feminine side, some cultures ie Germany and Nordic are very tipped into the masculine. Men can find themselves forsaking their masculine for a complexity of reasons but will also save this for the book.

Everything can be broken down into the simple idea of Polarity. I’m going to be blunt here, really blunt (a masculine-energy trait!) So many of my female friends are spiritually-oriented, Yōgis and yoga teachers, healthy and self-development focused. In this circle, a lot of them attract men with the same pursuits and interests, and many new-age self-proclaimed spiritual men have so tipped into their feminine energy that they’ve dismayed their masculine. I told you I’d be blunt! It’s contentious and true.

Why have these men done this? A huge reason is because they’ve become emasculated by women. For the modern woman it’s become trendy to take on a “fake feminist” energy as a reaction to historical female oppression. This modern day feminism not only squashes their own true feminine energy and steps them into a masculine energy with a feminine-looking shell which ultimately leads them to more displeasure and un-fulfillment than they felt before, but also wholly emasculates men.

It completely does not acknowledge basic masculine needs and drives and says “because man oppressed women and our essence for so long, now we oppress them and their essence”. I like to think of the masculine and the feminine as a love language - not dissimilar from the Five Love Languages.

We need to cherish the differences in our feminine and masculine that magnetise is to each other. I won’t go into the how to speak the languages here as I could write a book on it, but I’ll list some amazing people who have written fascinating books, blogs and social media knowledge on it here, if you’ve read this far 😉

Gio - The High Value Woman:

Matthew Hussey:

Jake Woodard:

The Sensuous Siren:

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