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It's not what you do, it's how you do it

What is your purpose? It’s the question many of my students ask themselves, it’s the question I ask myself when I find myself questioning whether I’m doing things in the right way for my businesses, and how to merge all my ideas into a succinct pretty bow. I give the analogy of how my entire life has been like a fruit pie with tons of things mixed in, you put it in the oven and Bam! It somehow comes out of the oven tasting good or interesting at the least.

In this generation where there seems to be limitless opportunity everywhere you look, as long as you funnel your focus in the right way you can make something of your life. Which leads many people to wonder “What in the heck IS it that I SHOULD be doing?!” Take it from someone who has a decade of VIP event catering experience working for people like Clint Eastwood and Bill Gates, a BA in Sociology, a masters degree in Urban Planning, and a couple years of wholly immersing myself in yogic studies & alternative healing modalities...


It’s the passion which leads the way you do things. I’ll never forget a paraphrased quote from Plato ingrained from a philosophy class: “Find your personal EXCELLENCE” ie Passion and learn how to make a living from it”

I have a tax accountant friend, Diana @balancetax, who absolutely loves running her business. You’d think, who the heck could be passionate about taxes?! Diana is because her intention, her passion, her Excellence, is helping small businesses. She is in touch with the driver behind her work, and it’s for that reason she remains focused in her profession, and why she’s ridiculously successful at it.

Get clear about the intent behind what it is you LOVE and brainstorm the things that could be a vessel for it. My excellence is connecting and supporting others, and I do this through running my self development and yoga workshops, through my healing crystal jewellery business @renegade_relics and through my online bespoke travel platform @larrikintravel where I support small independent businesses globally. It doesn’t just have to just be one single career! Start by uncovering the underlying INTENT behind your passion ❤️

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