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Living Your Truth

I was 15 years old attending the prestigious Wesley College in Melbourne. I’d just flown in from my California home and totally thrown a curve ball when I was told I was expected to wear not only a uniform but a shocking purple one 😂, with a no-makeup policy and strict guidelines on appearance. I came from a place where individuality is prized, where you can strive to be different without being looked upon weirdly or shunned. The boys teased me because I chose to continue wearing the makeup I wore in the states to embrace the kind of beauty I liked, my homeroom teacher nastily looked me over as I stood in the hall with my friends after school and told me I was a disgrace before storming off as I wore my uniform but further adorned with studded punk rock cuffs, partly blue hair let loose and platform beach sandals (even though I had some of the highest grades in the class, obviously that wasn’t considered.)

I moved back to the states a couple years later then returned to Australia almost a decade after that, and in many ways I’ve experienced similar social criticism of “difference.” But I see it all in a different light now! Australia’s tall poppy mentality comes from the early days of settlers/convicts banding together, all for one and one for all; no one sticks out above the rest because we’re all equal. I still find it challenging sometimes but I do get it! I’ve learnt acceptance while being tested to stay true to myself despite cultural barriers to doing so.

I’ve realised part of my journey in Aus has always been to encourage people to open their own minds and think differently. I know I’m here now for a reason and have opened up clients’ and students’ minds by challenging norms and expanding their awareness through energy healing, crystals, and spiritual/personal development. Not everything we see is how it is, not everything you’ve been doled in life is how it has to stay. Be willing to step out of your shell, box or social programming to allow growth to happen. And more importantly, live YOUR truth 💚🤘🏽

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