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Nature Time

Near Franz Josef on the South Island of NZ, I went walkabout without my phone for a couple hours along the road leading to the mountains. It was beautiful and cathartic, you could smell the crispness of the mountain air coming off the alps and I thought...Heaven. After meeting a particularly friendly horse I came upon an unenclosed field. I had the urge to wander in so I did.

Meditating in the lush grass for awhile, I laid down (knowing I didn’t have to worry about snakes!) and went into quite a deep meditation. It was bliss and I totally lost track of time, it was dark by the time I came to. The experience was totally revitalising and brought me back to myself.

Please give yourself time to seize opportunities to get outside. Take off your shoes, breathe deeply, feel the earth. And most importantly leave your tech behind, give yourself a little retreat from being hooked in!

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