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On having nice things & being spiritual

I’ll never forget the time in Australia when a yoga colleague who was about to hire me to run classes saw me walking up to my Honda SUV and offhandedly commented “Oh! Is that your car? I thought you’d drive something like a BARINA!” (For non-Aussies followers, saying this is like saying you assumed they owned the most cheap and basic car possible.)

I didn’t acknowledge it in that moment, but later reflected on how demeaning a comment it was, especially coming from a yogi. My Honda SUV certainly wasn’t anything fancy but she obviously felt it was above my caliber, for whatever reason.

I’ve always adored driving, road trips, the freedom of transportation and the feeling of a quality experience, the underlying reason I chauffeured Teslas and worked on chartered yachts back in Sydney. I love that with the Turo app you can find lovely cars to rent like this one for the exact same price as the UK’s “Barina” equivalent!

There’s been a couple critical times since arriving in London where I’ve had to rent a car very last minute, shuffling an entire flat of stuff from one place to the next. I’m so grateful for the Turo app or I would have been stuck during lockdowns with the car rental businesses shut. Turo is fantastic as it’s like Airbnb for cars, and you’re also directly helping out individual people 🥰

Also, you can be a yoga teacher and still appreciate nice things. Like Eckhart Tolle said in his Perth conference, having nice things is completely fine, what is key is the non-attachment to them since things come and go. 🚙

“You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are” - Tolle

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