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Setting Intentions

I love making lists. The best kind of list to make is one where you really GET CLEAR on the things you want in your life. I have both a Type A and an ADD personality which means I’m as distractable as I am driven 😂 I’m a firm believer in always re-focusing yourself back to your intention when you feel overwhelmed.

I’m also a gypsy who wants to discover herself through the places she chameleons into, also knowing ultimate happiness will ultimately only be found within herself. It’s the traveller’s dilemma. I’m a seeker and a student as I believe all avid travellers are. It’s a question of how to carry that inner peace and happiness into your life when you’re at home, when you find yourself stuck in the mud, when your demons want to sit with you but you always find a way to cunningly subterfuge or postpone the engagement.

We all have “stuff” so it’s important to make time to sit with those demons and have a friendly (ie compassionate) chat, see where small compromises can be made until you’re at peace with their company. I’ve had some hard battles in life which have turned into beautiful lessons and I’ve also had absolute miracles which have led to profound joy. A friend once told me “it’s all bliss.”

To get back to the crux of my intention for this post, if you feel stuck in life or in any aspect of it, please sit with a pen and paper in a quiet place where you feel safe and at ease. Think of how you want to FEEL with the life you want to lead, with where you are, with the people you surround yourself with. Write that down first then list out practical ways you might be able to achieve it. Also keeping in mind that no matter what you do or where you are, it’s the perspective you maintain that governs how you will ingrain these experiences.

So get clear on your intention, always refer back to it when you lose track, and flip your perspective on your current situation in the meantime while you’re building your dream. 💚

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