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There is ALWAYS a way! ⭐️

Almer hut was airlifted 1680m to the top of Franz Josef glacier 68 years ago! Who would think a little serviced hut would exist here? But it was made to happen.

We can all get stuck in a mindset where the little negative part of our brain goes “Nope, I won’t be able to do/achieve/make/have it” [insert any applicable verb here!] I spent years allowing myself to be stuck in situations I would never want my friends to endure, thinking I didn’t have any other options, being afraid it was the only way and anything else would be even scarier or more of a risk.

In fact the biggest risk at the end of the day is not taking the one to change your situation! Your current options are always bountiful and when you change your energy around what it is you want to achieve, and around your current situation, your opportunities to propel you into the brightest future become limitless.

The only person holding you back is You! So start realising you are in charge of your personal power, you have all the abundance in the world once you harness that mindset. I promise ✨

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