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What in the world is Travel Energetics, anyway?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Travel Energetics is based on Astrocartography, however where your full Travel Energetics Report is different than a traditional Astrocartography reading is that it’s tailored much more to you as an individual and I make it very comprehensive. I ask what you’d like to achieve and the feelings you’d like to experience so that I can really pinpoint the areas around the world where you would have those experiences with the context of where you’re living currently. So, in a way, it’s psychology mixed with Astrocartography because it’s about the whole person rather than simply giving you your lines on paper and a few notes about the lines as most astrocartographers do. I’ve had a number of readings from traditional astrocartographers but I found much of the information convoluted as it was communicated on an esoteric spiritual level not truly connected to the human and psychological level. As we’re here on this earth in a human capacity I feel it’s important to provide this information in a way you can use practically. My passion is to provide you as my client with information based on the stars so you can strategically implement it in your life, and have full awareness around not only what energy will meet you in a place but also how to navigate it based on your personal experiences. So in the full report I explain how you can “master” the energies and use it to your advantage. It’s always helpful for me to know where you’re planning on relocating to if that’s the case, so I can make sure to delve into that area. You’ll also get a 2 hour consultation so I can take you through your entire report so you feel complete clarity and it’s an open forum for you to ask any questions. The mini one-page report only shows you 10 of your positive areas and 10 challenging areas and does not include the consultation, whereas the full report is around 40 pages long and comprehensive: including maps and the information described above.

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