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Why Travel Energetics can change your life! Blog created for The Local Way | London

Imagine: You’re transferring through the airport en route to a brand new destination. You feel excited to start your holiday, with only a few hours wait in the terminal. Settling into an airport chair, you indulge in a great book packed last minute. Looking up, you take in the energy of the people and surroundings. You realise how you feel at home in that energy. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s just a sense of deep contentment. Oh no! The flight is delayed so you now have a few hours to kill exploring the city. A blessing in disguise? From the moment you enter the city, that inexplicable feeling of inner ease becomes even more pronounced. This wasn’t even supposed to be part of your holiday, but you’re enjoying it so much! Walking down the street, people you walk by take notice of you. It’s like they’re actually being magnetised to you!

Your keys fall out of your pocket. At that moment, a handsome man who is exactly your type exits a cafe directly in front of you, and he immediately kneels to pick them up. You lock eyes and smile. What are the odds? You get into conversation and realise you both love cricket and salsa dancing, so you exchange numbers. Heading to a museum to explore the beautiful galleries and architecture, you just feel so at home! You soon find yourself in conversation with a woman who manages a company in your very industry. Hitting it off so well, she asks for your details as she happens to be looking for someone with your background to do remote work for her company. It’s the same kind of job you applied for relentlessly back home, but without any luck. This place just seems to make you feel so amazing inside, and is also delivering the perfect opportunities right to you!

Does this seem all a bit far-fetched? I promise, it’s not. I’ve experienced the very same amount of serendipity, luck, love, opportunity and magnetism in certain places around the world! Some people unfortunately live their entire lives in places they never really feel at home, feeling invisible to the people around them while never having any business or love success. Meanwhile, others draw experiences towards them like the one illustrated above all the time! When I chat with travelers who remark on strongly negative or positive experiences in a given place, I always bet that Travel Energetics has something to do with it!

Travel Energetics is a fascinating type of astrology uncovering planetary energy that places all over the world have just for you. This amazing energy brings out certain aspects of your personality, as well as determines the type of experiences you can expect. Similar to typical astrology, you need your location, date and exact time of your birth. There are 48 completely unique planetary line combinations for each person, and locations within 300 miles of a line hold that line’s energy. The closer you live or travel to a line, the stronger you feel its effects! A quality Travel Energetics astrologer will create your report based on your natal (birth) chart alongside your Travel Energetics chart. It’s quite complex, but opens you up to a world of knowledge!

Even if astrology seems a bit crazy to you, if you’re an avid nomad-traveler like myself, just recall the times spent in a place where even though everyone said Oh, Paris is just amazing! it just didn’t mesh with you (my personal experience!) OR perhaps think back on the random place you’d never expected to feel so good in, and met those amazing people out of nowhere who became lifelong friends. It’s the one location you always feel drawn back to.

Half of our lines are incredibly positive and manifest luck, love, prosperity, charisma, self-esteem and great things falling into your lap, while the other lines are challenging and typically mean you’ll experience hard work, isolation, melancholy, frustration, heavy emotions, and rebelliousness. Sounds fun? Well, I always say there is no such thing as a bad line, because even the challenging places create the opportunity for us to grow and triumph. Of course, no one would want to live their whole life on a Saturn line (growth through hard work and difficulty) or a Pluto line (loneliness and emotional pain - how I felt for four years of living and studying on my Pluto line in Melbourne!) However, there is no real growth without challenge, and a whole life spent on your lucky Jupiter line could mean you lead an abundant but lazy existence as you don’t need to work so hard for all the amazing things that happen to you!

Some people are more sensitive to the energies, feeling them immediately (like in my example!) whereas other people (ahem, oftentimes men) won’t feel it as strongly. BUT, in any case, over time the line’s energy will always reel in the amazing or alternatively frustrating experiences which will change everything in your life! A German friend ordered a Travel Energetics report for her and her fiance to try and understand the issues they faced since relocating to Australia. He always felt happiest in Germany, suddenly becoming quite sad and isolated as soon as they moved to Perth. While she never felt at home in Germany, and as soon as they landed in Perth, felt more at home than she’d felt in her whole life! Their reports showed his BEST lines were in Europe, while her best lines were in Australia. Through the reports they found out the single place in all of Australia they’d both be happy was Sydney. She got a job offer there a couple years later, and he is happier than ever, letting go of the negative energy he experienced in Perth.

All in all, it’s worth exploring even for a skeptic. You can’t deny how you feel in a place, and why not be open minded to the possibilities? Blog written for The Local Way: Explore cities with relevant local travel recommendations tailored to your interests provided by our city insiders. Travel better: Do it the local way.

For more information on Travel Energetics, check out Shebs the Wanderer’s interview!

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